Book Chats

I am a bibliophile in the extreme. Every Friday I post a Friday Book Chat post – a post dedicated to some aspect of books or reading. This page is an archive of previous posts in this series. I also post current Kindle deals at the end of each week’s post, so if you are a Kindle be sure to check these for great deals on books I recommend. Don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads!

Most-Anticipated Books of 2015

There are lots of new books coming out in 2015, but these are the ones I am most looking forward to.

Books I’m Supposed to Love But Can’t Help Hating

These books have ended up on the New York Times Bestseller list or have been revered as “classics” for years, but I just have to say, I hate them.

Movies That Were Better Than Their Book

Usually books are better than their movie adaptations, but every once in while Hollywood makes a film that takes an OK book and makes it something great.

Favorite Contemporary Literary Fiction Books

Literary fiction can be slow and dry – these are contemporary books that are worth the slow parts (in my opinion).

Books on My Abandoned Books Shelf

Everyone has those books they just couldn’t make it through, even after two or three tries. These are mine.

My Favorite Mysteries

My hall of fame for literary mysteries

Books From My Childhood

The reading you do in childhood affects you more than any reading you do for the rest of your life. Here are some of my most memorable childhood books.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Books

Because we can’t be serious all the time…

My Favorite Spiritual Memoirs

Spiritual Memoir was a new genre to me just a few years ago and it has grown to be one of my favorites.

Books I Own, But Haven’t Read (Yet!)

I think we all have those books that have been sitting on our shelves for years just waiting to be read.

Most Interesting Fictional Characters

These are the characters that have stuck with me long after the book was finished. Some are heroes and some are villains, but all are unforgettable.

Books Worth Re-Reading

I don’t do a lot of rereading as an adult because I feel like my reading time is precious and there are so many new things I want to read. But these books are worth sacrificing the time to read again.


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