Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure #11 : A Visit to the Thea – truh and Some Fellow Adventurers

Last weekend we got to do something we love, but don’t get to do often. We went to see a play. You know, in a theater. With actors and a stage.

Hubby and I went to college outside of Chicago and one of our favorite special-occasion activities was going to plays and musicals downtown. Even after we moved to Raleigh, we were able to see a few productions that came through on tour and even a student performance at Duke University. Since we’ve been in Korea we’ve seen two musicals – Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia, both of which came through Daegu on tour and were in English. (Side Note: For some reason, Koreans LOVE Mamma Mia. My 6th grade students were made to sing and dance to “Dancing Queen” at last year’s arts festival. It was hilarious).

Since we’ve always enjoyed theater, we were especially excited when our friend Josh told us he was acting in a production of Almost, Maine put on by the Daegu Theatre Troupe. The play is a set of vignettes set in a not-quite-town (hence the “Almost”) in the northernmost part of Maine. The vignettes occur on the same night and are loosely organized around the theme of people falling in and out of and around love in different ways.


The theater was in the basement of a building in downtown Daegu – the kind of place you’d never know was there if you weren’t looking for it. There wasn’t any photography allowed during the performance, and sadly I didn’t remember to take any pictures of the theater before or after the performance, so I don’t really have anything visual for this post. (Blogger fail).

Seeing the play was fun, but it was especially fun to see our friend, Josh, in his element. Josh did a lot of theater and musical theater in college and it’s a part of him we’ve never had an opportunity to see before. I love getting to see a friend or family member doing something they love. You learn a lot about people from seeing them in their element. It wasn’t a surprise that Josh was so great, but it was still really fun to see. The same troupe is putting on a musical next month so we are looking forward to seeing more!

It’s finally warmed up this week and we are hoping to do some hiking next weekend! Assuming the weather cooperates, look for a mountain trekking adventure next week!

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OK, actually ALL of Angela’s posts. Angela and her husband Chris took a great leap of faith and decided to sell all of their stuff and live as modern nomads. They work remotely and have spent the past few months living in different European cities. They are my heroes. I want to be them when I grow up (even though I think we’re the same age). Don’t look at Angela’s amazing pictures if you don’t want to feel instant envy and discontentment with everything you’ve done with your life. If you are cool feeling that way then look away! Ok, but seriously, you should be following them.

Pradnya’s post about a painting peace. I especially liked this quote: “‘Peace’ – It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be midst those things and still be calm in your heart and a wear a smiling face!”

This inspiring blogger who is taking a “good girl gap year” to explore and experience the world starting with a surfing trip.

Jenn throwing the most incredible Night Circus themed party of all-time. I love how she brought the book to life. Wish I could have been there!

Also, I’m including this link because you adventure-y people will love it even though this blogger doesn’t participate in the link-up. Kaleena, a friend of mine from Korea, recently embarked on a year-long round-the-world-trip starting in the Philippines and ending (I think) with her 30th birthday celebration in Brazil. Never have I ever felt more jealous. Except about Angela and Chris (above). Kaleena is also a terrific writer and always has interesting and often hilarious stories to tell. Check her out!

If you have an adventure to share, add your link to the link-up by clicking the button below. You can participate in all of the adventures or you can just do a few – no pressure. If you missed last week’s adventure you can find it here. And if you are new to my Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure project you can find out more about it here.


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