The Day I Hit 424. And went a little crazy.

The day of my last post was epic. On the day of my last post I got 424 separate hits on my blog. This was a big deal to me.  It blew my previous record (121) out of the water. Honestly, I didn’t know that there were 424 people in my acquaintance, much less 424 people who would click on a link and read about what a bad wife I am. : )

I’m going to be honest…the fame kind of went to my head. For that one 10-hr period I thought, “I am the best blogger ever. People love me. I will get many subscribers. So many subscribers I will be able to quit my job and just write. And then a book deal. And afterwards my book will be made into a movie. And someone famous and beautiful will play me in the movie. Maybe Amy Adams since my hair is red now and she did such a nice job playing Julie Powell in Julie & Julia and I think made Julie Powell seem even cuter than she is in real life (just assuming since I don’t actually know Julie Powell.) And then probably Amy Adams will want to hang out with me for a while to get a good sense of me before she plays me in the movie. And then she will realize she wants to be best friends with me. And then I will be best friends with a beautiful and famous person. And at the movie premier I will wear something truly fabulous. Probably a top designer will create a gown just for me. And Amy will say, ‘Oh Lily, you must let my stylist do your hair!’ and I will allow it and I will look so beautiful people will ask if Amy and I are sisters and she will laugh and say, ‘Oh no, not sisters. Just best friends.’ ”

See. If Amy played me in the movie, everyone would think I was like 50 times cuter than I am in real life.

The sad thing is, I’m not really exaggerating. I have an active imagination. I totally went there. In fact, I decided that for the premiere, I want a dress in the same genre as this one (though obviously, a little more personalized):

I love everything about this.Very classy, very beautiful. I would allow a dress like this to be named after me.

And then, the sadder thing happened. I was quickly and rudely awakened from my fantasy-land.  Within a day or two my blog was back to getting its usual 5 hits per day, three of which came from people who stumbled on it accidentally after googling “kidney stones.” My visions of fame and glory were dashed to pieces. Not to mention I had a lot of work to do to make up for all the time I had wasted looking for red carpet gowns and brainstorming activities for me and my BFF Ames to do together.

And so I return to my quiet, ordinary not-a-bit-famous life.  And really, it’s not such a bad little life. Maybe it’s not glamorous. But it’s real. And it’s mine.


  1. You dO have a very active imagination. You are in luck, I just so happen to have that same imagination so we can all three be best friends and I can wear my red carpet dress and we’ll both have best sellers on the shelves by next year! We’re going somewhere Lily! I’ll be in touch……I mean our agents will be in touch.


  2. Lily, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life than after reading this post. Oh my, how I needed to laugh today and to say the least I was in tears. Keep writing because I have a feeling you might just get that red carpet moment you have dreamt of! And if not… It’s ok when I become a famous chef I’ll introduce you to her:)


  3. i have the exact same feeling when my students comment on my classroom blog… but that should make you feel better because it’s waaaaaaaay dorkier.


  4. This is hysterical! Same thing happened to me, only it was Nicole Kidman who played me, hahah! I was so excited to start blogging for my job, then was so sad when it never happened. You’re not alone! You’re an awesome writer and congrats on all those hits!


  5. Oh I call I spot in the movie, because I plan on being in one one day, and wearing some beautiful gown to the Oscar’s… So get writing.


  6. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel. I just started blogging in January, and I keep texting my sons how many “views” I’ve got and follows…I’m not on as grand as scale as you so my movie will have to have a lesser known actress, and maybe a camcorder from home, but regardless I am “famous” in my own little world. All the best…I love your blog


    1. Haha. I completely understand. I eventually stopped looking at my views because it was keeping me from writing what I really want to write about – when I realized a particular post got more views than average I would think, “I need to write more things like that – that’s what people want to read!” and while that’s not a bad marketing strategy, it wasn’t very good for my creativity or my artistic integrity. 🙂 So, I gave up on the stats for the most part, but not entirely on the dream of a film where someone beautiful and glamorous plays the role of me. 😉 Good luck with your blogging. Thank you so much for reading (this one is from so long ago, I can’t believe you read back that far!)

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