Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure #6: Grown-up Perfume and Board Game Cafe

It’s that time for…Adventure Number 6! I admit, this week’s adventure isn’t all that thrilling, though I did try some new things and to me, that counts as an adventure. (Remember, you get to decide what counts as an adventure to you and it really doesn’t matter if it’s adventurous to other people or not!) Next week we are headed to Seoul for a few days so I hope to have some more unique experiences to share.

This past weekend we met up with our friends Josh and Laura (and baby Genevieve) and Matt and Di in downtown Daegu and went to a board game cafe together. Board game cafes are fairly popular in Korea. They are, just like the name suggests, cafes that have tons of  board games you can “check out” and play. Most cafes have an hourly rate per person for playing games with a special price for “unlimited” game time.

Noriteo Board Game Cafe. Photo by Abbi Sauro for Touch Daegu.

Noriteo Board Game Cafe. Photo by Abbi Sauro for Touch Daegu.

It was our first time at this particular cafe and we were surprised by how intense they were about their games. There was an actual menu of board games which we looked through at our table. Once we chose a game we had to call a waiter over and “order” it. The “waiter” was the only one allowed to go over to the giant game wall and get the games down for us. (And if you looked like you might touch something this kid with a skull-print hoodie who looked like he hated his life would rush over and glare at you).

Board Game Cafe2

Noriteo Board Game Cafe. Photo by Abbi Sauro for Touch Daegu.


Board Game Cafe

This is the wall of games Thou Shalt Not Touch! Noriteo Board Game Cafe. Photo by Abbi Sauro for Touch Daegu.


We played Puerto Rico, a game I’d never played before. In the game, you are settling Puerto Rico and have to build plantations and produce goods and settle colonists and ship your products – you know, basically real life. I ended up winning so based on that, I think I like it!

My other adventurous act was purchasing a bottle of real grown-up perfume. That may not seem like a big deal and in the grand scheme of things, of course it isn’t, but it’s something I’ve never done before and it felt like a major life moment for some reason. Buying a bottle of perfume felt like a very adult thing to do. (And as you know, I have a very tenuous relationship with adulthood).

I’ve never worn perfume before – at most I wore some body splash back in high school. One of my good friends and sometimes roommate in college suffered with migraines that were often triggered by smells, so I got out of the habit of wearing even the body splashes during college. By the time we graduated it just wasn’t a big part of my life or routine anymore.

I’m not sure how it started, but over the past month or so I suddenly decided that I might like to try wearing perfume. I like pretty things and perfumes both smell and look pretty. During our travels I sampled lots of scents in the many airports we went through, but it felt like a big commitment and since I’ve never worn perfume before I wasn’t really sure what I liked.

Last weekend after lots of deliberation I got this adorable bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. It’s smells similar to his original Daisy scent, but more clean and fresh and the florals are a little lighter. It’s probably best suited to spring and summer, but as I only have one perfume I will be wearing it all the time. 🙂


So far I feel pleased with my choice and Jonathan seems to like it too (though I’ve always heard that lots of men prefer really sweet scents on women and this one isn’t super sweet). It makes me feel sophisticated and fancy, two things I am decidedly not, which is part of why wearing it feels so adventurous to me.

If you have a favorite perfume, let me know in the comments!

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