Friday Book Chats: What’s on My Kindle

I have a problem. I am addicted to buying books. This has been a problem for a long time now, but it’s gotten especially out of hand lately. Living abroad in a country where it’s difficult to find English books and living in a state of transience where it’s impractical to accumulate possessions has made my kindle a necessity. But reading primarily on my kindle means I have instant access to thousands and thousands of books with just one click.

Admittedly, I almost never buy anything at full price and when I finish a book I always choose my next book from what’s already on my kindle. I have an enormous Amazon wish list which I check every day to see if anything’s gone on sale, and I’m always hunting for deals to share with you. This results in lots of split-second purchases, sometimes on books I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, and sometimes on books I was suddenly seized with the desire to read once I realized it was only $2.99.

Today I want to share what’s on my kindle. This will serve to tell you about books I’m interested in, but also to provide some public accountability when I admit to all of the books I’ve impulsively purchased and not read. Maybe. Also, I’m included a list of current kindle sales at the end of this post…which might be counterproductive, but there are some really good books on there right now!

Books I’m Currently Reading

1. Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church, Rachel Held Evans. I am about 65% through this book and it is a book I have desperately needed for a long, long time. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it soon.

2. Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, Shane Claiborne. I read this book devotionally in the mornings (and sometimes evenings). It’s a book of common prayer that integrates many Christian traditions worldwide into its liturgy. I highly recommend it.

3. Listening to your Life: Daily MeditationsFrederick Buechner. I also read this devotionally off and on. It’s short passages from various parts of Buechner’s work (fiction and non-fiction) that reflect on spiritual truths.

Books I Haven’t Started Yet

4. STORY STORY: How I Found Ways to Make a Difference and Do Work I LoveKola Olaosebikan. Kola is a blogging/internet friend who recently published this book and was kind enough to send it to me to read and review. This is what I will read as soon as I finish my current book and I am really looking forward to it!

5. Siege and Storm (The Grisha Book 2)Leigh Bardugo. Read book 1 in this YA series a few weeks ago and would have moved straight to this one, but I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t like to read series’ straight through. I love to have a wide variety of genres in my reading, so after finishing a YA fantasy, I want to switch genres for a book or two.

6. Ruin and Rising (The Grisha, Book 3)Leigh Bardugo. Same as above.

7. Mariana, Susanna Kearsley. A historical fiction book/time travel book set in present and 17th century England.

8. The Invention of WingsSue Monk Kidd. There is absolutely no good reason I haven’t read this yet. A highly-praised historical fiction book by a favorite author. It’s about slavery and struggle, but also about liberation and empowerment.

9. Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro. Bought this in a sale. Not sure if I’m going to like, but it’s on of those I want to have read.

10. The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan. A memoir of a daughter and a father who bond for the first time when they are both diagnosed with cancer.

11. Interrupted: When God Wrecks Your Comfortable ChristianityJen Hatmaker. Hatmaker asks (and answers) hard questions about the purpose of the church and what the Christian life is really meant to be.

12. Cress (The Lunar Chronicles Book 3), Marissa Meyer. Read the first book in this series (Cinder) and loved it. Bought book 3 because it was on sale, but haven’t read book 2 yet because it’s not on sale. But I’ve got my eye on it…

13. How to Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day-Job With My BlogBob Lotich. Because I’d like to know how to do that. But not enough to read it, apparently. Also got this for free.

14. Learning to Walk in the Dark, Barbara Brown Taylor. Love BBT. I actually read the first 7% of this and then realized that An Altar in the World sort of came first and went back and read that one instead.The 7% I read was already great.

15. The Bible Tells Me So:Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read ItPeter Enns. The title and premise of this book intrigues me. I know that Enns is considered a controversial biblical scholar so I really have no idea if I’ll agree with his conclusions or not, but I’m interested to read his perspective.

16. The Mistborn Trilogy, Brandon Sanderson. I read (and enjoyed) the first book in this trilogy a few months ago and need to move on to the next two books, but as I said above, I’m weird about series and take breaks sometimes.

17. The Secret History, Donna Tartt. Not a fan of The Goldfinch, so hoping this one is better!

18. The Year of Living Biblically:One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible, A.J. Jacobs. This is supposed to be an entertaining, interesting read akin to Rachel Held Evan’s similar book A Year of Biblical Womanhood.

19. Courageous Compassion:Confronting Social Injustice God’s WayBeth Grant. Something I want to spend more time and energy thinking about and working towards.

20. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers. Because I WILL FINISH THIS SOMEDAY!

21. Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gentleman Bastards Book 2), Scott Lynch. I read the first book in this series, The Lies of Locke Lamora, a while ago. It was like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Oceans Eleven. Then hubby borrowed my kindle to read this series and while he was using it I got distracted and started reading other things and haven’t come back to it yet.

22. The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastards Book 3), Scott Lynch. Same as above.

Books I’ve Read That Are Still on my Kindle

23. Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading, Nina Sankovitch. I mostly enjoyed this, but I totally forgot to write about it in last month’s What I’m Into Post so it stays until I can do a review.

24. Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-control and My Other Experiments in Everyday LifeGretchen Rubin. Read this month. Will review at the end of the month.

25. Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, Book 1), Leigh Badusco. Read this month (really enjoyed it!) and will review at the end of the month.

26. One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, Ann Voskamp. I keep this one around cause you never know when you need a little reminder.

27. The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad #5) Tana French. I’m a huge fan of French’s. I’m keeping this one around because hubsters hasn’t read it yet and would like to.

So, yeah….told you I have a problem!

Are you a book hoarder like me? What are you reading right now?

Current Kindle Deals

*As of May 14th. I use the US Amazon site. Prices may vary on other sites.

New On Sale:

Case Histories, Kate Atkinson($2.99). Fabulous mystery. One of my faves. (First in a series).

Human Croquet, Kate Atkinson ($3.99) This one’s not a mystery and is a little trippy since it experiments a bit with time, but I really think she’s a masterful writer.

The Magicians, Lev Grossman ($2.99) This is like a more adult version of Harry Potter plus Narnia. Oddly enoough, not my favorite, but a lot of people really like it.

Still on Sale:

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My LifeDonald Miller ($3.99)

The Good Luck of Right Now, Matthew Quick (author of Silver Linings Playbook) ($1.99). I read this last year and wrote about it here.

The Mysterious Benedict Society, Trenton Lee Stewart ($2.99)

Me Before You, JoJo Moyes ($2.99) Read with Kleenex!

Divergent, Veronica Roth ($2.99)

The Getaway Car: A Memoir About Writing and Life, Ann Patchett ($2.51)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through to make a purchase a small percentage of your purchase will go towards supporting this site. This does not affect the price of the items in any way. 


  1. fun fact: the only kindle book i’ve ever purchased is common prayer. for awhile i read it devotionally too…i should start getting back into it again. and yes! read the invention of wings. sometimes i don’t want to like books with allll the hype because i’m difficult like that, but this one was well worth it. i really don’t buy books, but this is one i’d like to own.


    1. Before moving to Korea I basically only had a couple of freebies on mine because we own a bajillion books (that’s accurate, I’ve counted) and I went to library sometimes more than once a week.
      I really love Common Prayer, but I actually wish I had a physical copy because it would be easier to flip through and navigate.
      I honestly think I will love The Invention of Wings once I commit to it, so I’m not really sure what’s holding me back. I think I just haven’t felt like I’m in the right mood yet, whatever that means.. 😉


  2. I have a lot of books too, and my family and friends may classify me as a hoarder. I prefer to think of myself as a book lover and collector. But I don’t do kindle. I’m a ‘need to hold the book in my hands’ kinda girl. My book club just read ‘The Glass Castle’ (my second time to read). I’m also reading the ‘China Study’, ‘Bread and Wine’ by Shauna Niequist, and ‘I Shall Have Some Peace There’ by Martha Roach. Books give me such pleasure and I love nothing better than to have an afternoon to browse through a new or used bookstore. And I think I prefer used books because they have been touched and read by others. Love your blog and all your suggestions.


    1. Haha. I understand that. I never did kindle either before moving abroad. In fact, I kind of scoffed at it. But since moving to Asia I have found it to be a lifesaver. I can carry my whole library around in my purse, I have access to any English book I want, and I don’t have to make a choice between shipping heavy boxes of books or getting rid of them when we leave. My kindle will never replace real books and as soon as we get back home I’ll get back to physical books. One of the things I’m most excited for is having a library again!
      Since I’ve been married we’ve never owned a TV and instead had a huge bookshelf that covered our living room wall mostly filled with used books. I love what you said about used books feeling special because of their history. It’s my favorite thing when I find a book with an old name written in the cover or an inscription of some kind.
      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! Thanks for reading!


    1. Well, remember that when you delete them from your kindle you still own them and they are in your online library so you can always put them back on if necessary. I usually wait til the end of the month after I’ve written my mini-reviews for the blog or Goodreads and then I take off whatever I read that month unless there’s something specific I want to go back to or if my husband wants to read it. I still have like 3 full pages of options, but I try to keep it from getting too out of hand so that nothing gets buried.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m definitely a book hoarder as well. Since we live about forty-five miles from the city, my Nook has become my go to reader. It’s a little bit addicting to be able to push a button and start reading two minutes later. I just discovered a fantasy author named Anne Bishop, and enjoyed reading Written In Red. I’m now on the second book of that series.


    1. I agree! It’s so dangerous for me to have that kind of access to all the books I could ever dream of, haha! I haven’t read any Anne Bishop but I am always looking for a good fantasy writer/series. Thanks for the suggestion!


  4. brandon sanderson is awesome writer also check out his other books like steelheart and the way of the kings also try R.A.Salvatore he is the best. there is a whole fantasy world and a chunk of 12+ books maybe you will like them…..
    and finally dont miss barteimius series the spell may be wrong but u can google it.
    happy reading….. blogger


      1. bartimaeus trilogy –dont miss this one
        happy reading. if u r tired of reading try audiobooks they awesome but make u lazy to read.


  5. I really must stop reading your Friday Book Chats. It’s dangerous. I think we have similar tastes in some ways – lots of the books you are reading/have read/want to read are similar to ones I have read/are reading/want to read. I want to zoom over to the Kindle site and BUY ALL THE BOOKS but I had better restrain myself….


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