Lies About Sex Part II: The Myth of the Magical Wedding Night

Head over to Brett “Fish” Anderson’s blog, Irresistibly Fish, for the next installment of my series on lies about sex. In this part I talk specifically about the myth that “saving” sex until marriage will guarantee and magical wedding night.

“I don’t think there’s any fundamental problem with an awkward wedding night. In fact, I think we should embrace that kind of messiness more in our lives. I don’t believe everything needs to be tied with a pretty bow in order to be good. And I don’t think we have to achieve our most perfect selves in this or any other area to be ready for marriage. The problem wasn’t the awkwardness or the messiness – it was the false expectations and lack of comprehensive information that made us feel isolated and embarrassed, believing we were the only couple on the planet who had experienced this.”

Read the rest of the piece HERE and be sure to check out some of the other pieces on Brett’s site. There are a lot of great stories and perspectives there!

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