On Being RED!


So on Sunday afternoon I went to get my hair colored. I had had it a reddish brown with some highlights and the red had faded out really quickly. So this time I asked my adorable stylist, Adrienne to go ahead and kick up the red so that when it fades it won’t go completely brown again like it did last time. The result was this shockingly bright color.

When I wear green, I look like an elf. Or a leprechaun.

And from the side…
At first I was little intimidated by my flame-red locks. They were honestly a little brighter than I was expecting and I wasn’t sure I could really pull it off. But while the girl was still blow-drying my hair, the salon-owner came over and started raving about it. He said the color was incredible and he wanted to have me do a photo shoot with their professional photographers so that they could use the photos in the shop or their guide books. I said sure, why not, so sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be getting a fancy photo shoot with a free re-glaze and also possibly a new cut. (They want to do a new cut, but I don’t want to cut it all short again, so I’ll have to see what they’re thinking.) All the attention was definitely a confidence booster and I’m feeling good about it.
And Jonathan thinks it’s hot. Like Jessica Rabbit (without the boobs, obviously.)  Or Ariel (without the tail, obviously.) It’s definitely festive and I am feeling ready for Christmas! Also, I’m pretty sure redheads really have all the fun. 🙂

Totally me, right?


Ariel has great hair. Uncontested fact.


  1. SOOO much brighter than my little phone can interpret! I love it so very much. Thai says it’s AFineFrenzy color, & I agree.
    And I think you’re better off without giant boobs & a tail. Just sayin’

    Guess I’m next 🙂


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! You look gorgeous!!! And seriously, a photoshoot!!! {I always secretly hoped that would happen to me when I went to the hair salon, haha!} Not that I’m partial or anything, but redheads are the BEST!!! And I say, rock the green shirt!


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