Blogs I Follow

Here is a list of the blogs I read- some are big bloggers and some are small blogs of friends who happen to be wildly talented.  Trying to help my friends out. We bloggers gotta stick together

A Holy ExperienceAnn Voskamp – Ok, she isn’t a personal friend. But she has beautiful things to say. Even though she makes me crazy sometimes.

How to Speak Evangelical Addie Zierman – Another person I don’t know personally, but who I relate to so well it’s scary. Her book, When We Were on Fire, has unlocked so many things inside of me.

Sarah Bessey  Recently published her book, Jesus Feminist, and giving me lots to think about. Sarah’s a strong and beautiful voice for women in the Kingdom.

Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary Because she keeps putting stuff out there that needs to be out there –  even when everyone’s being mean about it. Also she is soooo funny.

Rachel Held Evans doing hard work and raising hard questions, pushing back against patriarchy and helping to clear the way for women to be all that they were intended to be. I don’t hold to all of Rachel’s views, but I admire her courage and boldness.

Briana Meade: -An acquaintance who has become a good friend. A young wife and mother, sharing her adventures and her search for understanding what it means to be a woman and a mother and still have a voice.

Very RevealingMy friend Meredith – hilarious, insightful, witty, and poignant. Her blog never disappoints.

Karissa Knox Sorrell; A fantastic, beautiful writer, mother, and educator who writes from the perspective of an Orthodox Christian

Sarah Torna Roberts: This woman can write. She has a beautiful, poignant voice and a lot of valuable things to say. A mother of four she gives me hope that motherhood is not the end of creativity, but a beautiful part of the story.

Redemption Pictures: Micah J. Murray, who has a lot of provocative things to say about Christianity, the Church, feminism and faith.

Leigh Kramer: Leigh Kramer’s voice is a breath of fresh air in the world of mommy-blogs. While there are lots of really great mommy bloggers (many of whom I follow), Leigh shows us all that women can have a voice and something to say without being married or having children. She is a wise gal with some beautiful words.

Irresistibly Fish: Brett ‘Fish’ Anderson’s blog which covers almost any relevant topic you would care to read about. A fantastic collection of stories dealing with difficult topics and laced with truth and humor.

Anderson Adventures, Jess and Davey Anderson- Something I stumbled on and love. A girl and a boy having God-adventures. Jess is now my greatest blogging friend!

Long on Staying, Slow to Leave, Emily Goldberg- A beautiful, heartfelt, and  inspring blog from a fellow Wheatie

Rachel Tells it Like it Is, Rachel Mac – As the blog title says, a blog where Rachel tells it like it is. Her blog is blunt, pee-in-your-pants funny, and beautiful

This Wild Season:, Asharae Kroll’s glorious blog of recipes, gorgeous food pictures, and thoughts on living an abundant life.

And if you are every in need of some flipping awesome photographers/videographers:

Grain and Compass, Asharae Brundin Kroll and Tim Kroll- A couple of fantastic photographers sharing their skills and their passion for telling other people’s stories.

Taylor Rae Photography, Taylor Heyward-Another amazingly talented photographer (and wonderful friend) making the world a more beautiful place.



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